Fundamentals First

It's Never Too Late To Change!

We all know the definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing and expecting the same results.  My question is, “Are you getting the results you want?” If not, it is time to do something different.  

Standards are here to stay. Accountability isn’t going away.  The need to close learning gaps and raise student achievement will always be a priority. All of these are important but we underestimate the importance of fundamental principles and best practices that impacts teaching and learning.  This isn’t limited to professional growth as leaders but it’s also true for teachers.  

The Fundamentals First Framework professional development series will set your teachers up for success.  

This 4 part series will include the following objectives:


Teachers will write measurable objectives at each level of Bloom's Taxonomy


Teachers will incorporate instructional strategies that maximize instructional time


Teachers will learn strategies that promote student engagement


Teachers will learn social-emotional strategies that foster relationships with students

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If you are feeling overwhelmed as a new or aspiring teacher come get the support that you need! Inside the group we share our creativity, tips and strategies and the best part? It serves as a place where you will be encouraged, affirmed, and celebrated!

Don't miss this opportunity to set your teachers up for success! Leaders, we can no longer assume teachers have the tools to meet your expectations. The Fundamentals First Framework professional development series will ensure it!

Imagine This...

Imagine walking into your teacher’s classroom and you see:
  • evidence of planning
  • evidence of student engagement 
  • evidence of teaching and alignment
  • evidence of collaboration and critical thinking
  • evidence of social, emotional learning
  • evidence of mastery… 

How would this make you feel? Imagine the impact this would have on student achievement?  Can you see your school’s accountability and school culture moving in a positive direction?  These images can be a reality with the “Fundamentals First Framework” professional development series.

This series is a game-changer. Leaders equip their teachers with a firm foundation. Your leadership matters. Your teachers deserve it and your students are worth it!