Are We Really Out?

Many of you have started your summer while others are still working… If your district is like mine you have to create a PD plan. What’s on your list? What will you benefit from most? I want to offer a word of advice…choose wisely. What do I mean by that? As a suggestion, do not […]

Make Your Mark!

There has been a lot of discussion in education around the question…Where do we go from here? If you’re like me that question prompted another question and another question after that. I can tell you there are no quick fixes or answers…but how can this be? Let’s dig a little deeper. You are problem solvers. […]

How Do I Tell Them I Need Help?

One of the questions we ask when interviewing teachers is…what do you need and expect from your administrator? I know you’re not interviewing me BUT I’ll ask you the same question. What do you need and expect from your administrator? More importantly…are you getting it? What do you do when feel like you’re not supported? […]