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VB Educator Consulting provides professional development, training, and coaching services for teachers and school leadership.

Our goal is to empower teachers and school leaders with the tools, skills, and strategies needed to impact students at all levels by fostering relationships and improving everyday practice.

Meet the CEO Dr. Veleria Brown-Norice

Dr. Veleria Brown-Norice has more than 20 years of educational experience in teaching, learning, and leadership. She is dedicated to the growth, development, and success of teachers. She is also committed to meeting the needs of school leaders. Dr. Brown-Norice can speak to and address the challenges facing educators today because she has walked in the shoes of those she serves.

Dr. Brown-Norices is on a mission to shift, empower, and equip teachers and school leaders with the tools, strategies, and specialized training needed to meet the changing demands and expectations of education today.

As CEO, Dr. Brown-Norice realizes that everyone’s path and needs are different but she is committed to your success.  Our team is ready to meet you where you are, support you through the process, and celebrate your success!

Are You Ready For Change?

Standards are here to stay. Accountability isn’t going away.  The need to close learning gaps and raise student achievement will always be a priority. All of these are important but we underestimate the importance of fundamental principles and best practices that impacts teaching and learning. 

That’s why we have created the Fundamentals First 4-part training series!

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Don’t miss this opportunity to set your teachers up for success! The Fundamentals First Framework professional development series will ensure it!

How can we help?

Gain your momentum with our unique coaching programs and services!

Momentum: Level 1 VIP 1:1 Intensive

Are you a struggling classroom teacher? Tired of feeling stuck, stressed, confused, or frustrated? Get clarity and step-by-step coaching that will transform your teaching practices without judgment!

Momentum: Level 2 Group Coaching

Leverage our professional experience with our comprehensive coaching program. This results-driven program is designed to support teachers and aspiring teachers with their professional growth and development in a collaborative setting.

Momentum: Level 3 Professional Development/Training

Our results-driven, interactive professional development programs incorporate job-embedded coaching and strategies that support, reinforce, and refine teacher practice.

Momentum: Level 4 Leadership Development/Training

Our leadership development and training programs are customized to the unique needs of our clients. With our job-embedded coaching leaders will be supported from the planning phase through implementation.

Join Our Private New Teacher Support Group!

If you are feeling overwhelmed as a new or aspiring teacher come get the support that you need! Inside the group we share our creativity, tips and strategies and the best part? It serves as a place where you will be encouraged, affirmed, and celebrated!